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DRIVER UNIT:                                    40 mm
IMPEDANCE :                                    32 ohms
SENSITIVITY:                                     110 +/-4dB

FREQUENCY RESPONSE               20-20,000 Hz
NOISE REDUCTION LEVEL             >= 15 dB

DISTORTION:                                    5 % maximum at 1 KHz
POWER SOURCE:                           2x AAA size batteries
PLAYING TIME:                                  10 hours for mp3

                                                          20 hours for Auto-Noise Cancelling
MUSIC FORMAT:                               mp3

SD CARD CAPACITY:                       2 GB maximum ( not included )

NOISE-CANCEL:                               Reduce up to 85% of background noise


ACCESSORIES (included):

1 4.5 ft straight audio cord with 3.5mm stereo gold-plated plug

2 6.5mm gold-plated audio adaptor plug

3 2-pin Airline adaptor

4 Semi-Hard Carrying Case

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Noise-cancelling headphone

DYNACO HP-1108NM Noise-Cancelling Headphone with                   Built-in MP3 Player


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